D-Fence Headband Instructions

D-fence headband

Items Needed:

-Headband (any color)
-Pipe cleaner (color to go with headband)
-Construction Paper (color to go with headband and pipe cleaner)
-Glue (or Tape)


-Coil up 2 pipe cleaners. (Wrap the pipe cleaner around a pencil and then slide it off). Make the pipe cleaner as long as you want.
-Draw a "D" and a picture of a picket fence on the construction paper(3 pickets should be good).
-Cut out the "D" and the fence.
-Glue one of the pipe cleaners to the "D" and glue the other pipe cleaner to the fence. If it is easier for you, use tape instead of glue.
-Wrap the end of the pipe cleaner that doesn't have the construction paper around the headband, making sure it is secure.

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